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Home Page:As Salaamu Aliakum(ISLAM)Moor's

Greetings: Moorish Master Masons

May the suns rays shine upon all who visit the website of a Member of the first Moorish Lodge,of Ancient Free & Accepted Muur's, of the State of N.Y.
We Honor all free National Moor's to Join with"Us" in such a Noble Cause!
Noble Drew Ali traveled in foriegn lands and sat in Scared Groves with the Silent BrotherHood.
So in Honor of all Our Forefathers, We Fly the Moorish flag, that he, Noble Drew Ali, retrived from the said Government of those days.


Bro:.Kaliym M. Bey
Moorish Master Mason

Estervico The "Moor"
"What I have done all Men can do,What I AM all men shall Be.
So please assist me in the Up-Lifting of the Human family.
Bro:. BEY

First and foremost, I'd like to give special thanks to the Creator!!!! For without HIM, we would not be in existance. I'd also like to thank, M:.W:.LUXOR Grand Lodge, ILL:.Bro:.Clifford E.Hazel,33*/96*, Most Puissant Soverign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Of FreeMasonry, of the Southern and Western Hemisphere,Inc.
For he is Truly a Noble Man of the Mystic Abbey! Also, thanks to M:.W:.Balkis, Supreme Grand Chapter, Under Divine Leadership of the ILL.Sis:Bessie Hazel, Noble Spiritual Mentor. May the sun shine on "Us" All!!!!

Fraternally yours,
Bro:.Kaliym M. Bey

Islam, Moorish Masons:
May the Blessing of the Deity be upon all who this webpage reaches. May this year be towards a more Noble & Glorious endeavor. May the suns rays shine upon all that try to at least uplift our Spiritual Minds. May Our people be pleased with the Moor's in Amexem (America). May ALLAH, the Great GOD, be forever on our side. May alike minds assemble for the purpose of Humanity. May the Ark of Covenant be upheld at all cost! May we always invoke the Grand Architect of the Universe. May the Moorish Master Masons, for now and always, be pillars of Light. May our Moorish Children receive ALLAH in there Hearts. May our Moorish Women Assist "Us" in this Great deed. May the Asiatic Nation live forever in Salaam!


How can I Join this Lodge of Moorish Freemasonry in Amexem?
ASK, and it shall be given to you; SEEK, and ye shall find; KNOCK, and it shall be opened unto you. Matt 7:7-8

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